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Agronomy Insights

  • Corn Seed Treatments Deliver Nutrients, ROI and Improved Planting Operation

    One of the most rapidly changing parts of the seed industry is seed treatment. In addition to fungicide and insecticide options, there are many supplemental fertility options are available to add to your base treatment package. Adding nutrients to the corn seed treatment or even in the planter boxes, has shown to consistently improve yields across varying environments.
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  • Phosphorus Options Optimize Crop Performance

    From start to finish, phosphorus is a key team player with an important role in crop growth, development and productivity. Timing, availability and balancing with other nutrients help crops fully utilize available P. Start with fall soil testing to optimize P in your fertility program.
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  • Use Data to Create Next Year's Fertility Plan

    Optimizing yields on every acre while controlling inputs takes more than your Granddad’s fertility program. Southern States agronomy experts bring you the precision testing, tools and know how to help you develop a fertility plan to boost your bottom line on every acre.
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  • Manage Nutrient Removal

    High-yielding crops pull nutrients from the soil ― more than farmers may realize. A plethora of tools are available to ensure that your fertility plan includes levels of nutrients needed for top yields. See your Southern States expert for help to get the needed nutrients on your acres.
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  • Fall Fertility To-Do List

    The fall season is the first opportunity to establish yield potential for the crop that will be planted the following spring. Grid sampling is a tool to establish baseline fertility values for lime, phosphorous (P) and potassium (K).
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