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Vigortone® Graze N Gain™ (50 lb)

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A stocker mineral formulated for calves that compliments forage or grass they are grazing. Features & Benefits: Provides vitamins and minerals to complement pasture or hay forage programs. Available with Monensin or Bovatec® for improved weight gain on pasture. Offered with CTC to aid in the control of anaplasmosis. Contains basic copper chloride to avoid common pasture antagonists. Available with both fly control options – Altosid® or ClariFly®. Contains weatherization to reduce product loss. Available Additives: CTC 6,000 CTC 4,000 CTC 6,000 + IGR® CTC 4,000 + IGR® CTC 4,000 + ClariFly® HC IGR® (1,400# cow) CinnaGar® Availa® 4 XPC®