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Better Genetics.

Need we say more?


FS works with only those breeders dedicated to developing the best proprietary forages and alfalfa available. FS products are proven time and again to perform in local soils.

Purity and Quality

FS works with a team of suppliers to bring the most reliable supply of seed in the industry.  In addition, FS benefits from having a Registered Seed Technologist on staff delivering the best quality testing program for every bag.  

Custom Blending

FS is leading the way when it comes to custom blended seed solutions to meet your needs for livestock, nutrient management plans, and cover crops.  

Top Quality Genetics

FS offers the best forage and alfalfa genetics in the business, specifically proven to yield on your farm. 

FS Forage Products

FS offers forage products including alfalfas, clovers, cover crops, field grasses, grain sorghum, premixes, sudan grasses and more. 

Talk to your agronomy sales manager today.

They’re trained to help you use FS Forage seed to address erosion, improve soil quality, increase milk or beef production, and so much more.