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JM Eagle Pipe, 2 in, 10 ft L, Solvent Weld, SCH 40 Schedule, PVC, White

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JM Eagle Solvent Weld Schedule Series pipes are suitable for use in both pressure and drain, waste and vent applications. JM Eagle’s wide line of Solvent Weld includes PVC Schedule 40 (ASTM D1785 and ASTM D2665) and 80 (ASTM D1785) for both pressure and non-pressure applications. The pipes are available in 10- and/or 20-foot lengths, in ½- to 16-inch diameters in Schedule 40, bell end, and ½- to 12-inch diameters in Schedule 80, plain end. JM Eagle’s ASTM 1785 product also comes in a specially formulated PVC material to increase resistance to ultraviolet rays. Called SolarBlok, it comes in IPS, 20-foot lengths, in brown. Solvent Weld joints are designed to provide a rigid (or restrained) joint connection, and the schedule-rated products are specifically engineered for use in partial support systems above ground. A 20-foot length of Solvent Weld Schedule 40 PVC water pipe weighs approximately 72 pounds.