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Surveil® Herbicide

Surveil® herbicide for soybeans delivers the convenience of two powerful active ingredients — flumioxazin and cloransulam-methyl — together in one easy-to-use premix. Cloransulam-methyl gives Surveil strong residual power, providing exceptional preemergence weed control. This Corteva herbicide can be applied from preplant to up to three days after planting, but before emergence.

Key benefits:

  • Nonglyphosate modes of action to take out resistant weeds and other broadleaves like Palmer amaranth, velvetleaf, lambsquarters, ivyleaf morningglory, giant ragweed and marestail
  • Short plant-back intervals for key rotational crops like corn, cotton, peanuts and rice
  • Excellent mixing and handling characteristics
  • Stand-alone premix formulation that dissolves more quickly than the competition when added to water, providing better coverage and control of herbicide-resistant weeds
  • No soil pH restrictions
  • An approved tank-mix partner with several herbicides labeled for use in new weed control systems, including XtendiMaxherbicide and Engenia herbicide, with additional tank-mix options expected in the near future

Additional product information:

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