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Agronomy Insights

  • Soybean Seed Treatments Prove to be ROI Drivers in Challenging Environments

    Shortly after emergence, young soybean plants start putting down their roots. During this crucial time of development, soybean plants face a host of threats. Cool and wet conditions during and shortly after planting, favor seedling disease infection. As soil insects come out of their overwintering stage, they'll be drawn to seeds and tender roots. If not properly protected from early season threats, soybean plants can face emergence, stand establishment issues and yield impacts later in the season.
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  • Wheat Disease Management Deserves Attention

    Wheat growers can’t control the weather, but taking a holistic, integrated pest management approach helps minimize wheat yield losses due to disease. Local Southern States Cooperative agronomy experts can help you develop a year-long disease prevention and management program to protect your crop from yield losses.
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  • Preparing for Wheat Harvest

    Wheat growers who plan to store their crop should take essential steps before harvest to prepare grain storage bins properly to protect grain from pests and moisture. Your local Southern States Cooperative agronomy experts can help you select a grain bin insecticide and identify harvest measures to safeguard your stored crop from losses.
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