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Redeeming Your Equity

When can equity be redeemed?

  • To settle the estate of a deceased member. All types of stock and patronage refund allocations will be redeemed.
  • Permanent discontinuance of farming by the member. Only membership stock will be paid out.
  • Relocation outside of Southern State's operating territory. Only membership stock will be paid out.
  • Redemption of stock or revolvement of patronage refund allocation upon declaration by the respective Boards of Directors.

How do I redeem my equities?

In order to expedite the redemption process, please locate the original stock certificate and/or patronage refund allocation stub. Sign the back of the certificate(s) as appropriate and forward those to the Patronage Department. If the stockholder is deceased, the surviving spouse or the executor of the estate may endorse the certificates and a copy of the certified death certificate and proof of executorship is also required. Please contact the Patronage Department toll free 800-419-2690 for further details or specific questions.

Please mail the requested paperwork to:

Southern States
Attn: Stock Records
6606 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA  23230