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5 Ornament Crafts that are for the Birds

It can be difficult for birds to find enough to eat, especially during periods of extreme weather conditions. You can help feed the birds in your neighborhood – it's not expensive and it can be a lot of fun. The bird experts at Southern States have five fun ornament crafts for the bird lovers in your family!

Birds naturally forage for nuts, berries, seeds, and insects to eat. When these items are scarce during the winter, birds can go hungry. Supplementing their winter diet with quality bird food can often be what helps them survive those cold months. What can you feed wild birds? In addition to birdseed, the following are good choices: unsalted nuts and nut butters, unsalted popcorn, dried fruit, cranberries, breakfast cereals, pieces of roasted potato, and sunflower seeds.

With just a few inexpensive items from around your house, you can make edible ornaments to hang outside. Your entire family can make these easy, fun projects together. Decorate a tree in your yard with a wild bird theme and enjoy watching the birds feast on their treats!

Edible Pine Cone Ornaments are probably the most well-known edible ornament for birds. Gather pinecones from your yard. Using a knife, spread peanut butter on as much of the pine cone as you can. Roll in birdseed until all the peanut butter is covered. Make a loop with twine or ribbon at the top of each cone for hanging.

Make a Peanut and Cranberry Garland for the birds near your home. Cut twine or string to the desired length. Using a tapestry needle, poke the needle through the center of the peanut shell between the two nuts. String the peanuts alternating with cranberries. Tie off the end and hang outdoors. In addition to peanuts and cranberries, you can string popcorn, breakfast cereal and even dried fruit.

Citrus Cups are easy to make and even the youngest members of your family can help. Slice a large orange in half and remove the citrus fruit without tearing the skin. Make two small holes on either side of the fruit with a nail. Create a handle by feeding wire, twine, or ribbon through the holes. Mix birdseed with dried fruit or cranberries and fill each orange half. Hang from the branches of your backyard tree. You can leave these out for long periods of time and just refill them when empty.

Birdseed Wreaths are a great treat for the birds. Cut plain bagels in half and leave them out overnight. Spread peanut butter on each side and cover generously with birdseed pressing down to secure. Slip twine through the center of the bagel half for easy hanging.

Make Sunflower Ornaments for your winter bird tree. This project takes a little planning, but is so easy it's worth it. Grow sunflowers throughout the summer and at harvest, dry the entire sunflower head and save for the winter. Cut off the flower heads, leaving 5-6 inches of stalk on each flower. Store in a dry area such as a garage or in your basement. When you are ready to use them, tie a loop with the end of the stalk and hang on your tree for the birds to eat.

You will love creating edible ornaments for the birds in your area. You can even make it an annual family tradition to welcome the winter season. Find the wild birdwatching supplies you need at your local Southern States.

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