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Choosing the Right Propane Supplier

Choosing to switch to propane can reduce high energy costs and environmental impact, which is why it is such a popular and versatile choice as a cleaner burning fuel. Make your energy transition smooth and convenient by choosing the right propane supplier for your needs.

Understand your fuel contract and pricing structure

Propane prices can fluctuate quickly in response to market conditions related to unexpectedly warm or cold seasonal temperatures, excess production, or interruptions in the petroleum supply chain. At times, these influences can drastically affect propane pricing across the country. That’s why you’ll want a provider with greater supply resources, transparent pricing, and straightforward billing.

Industry Reputation

Does your propane supplier have a positive and ethical reputation for providing safe, clean burning propane? Choosing a reliable, trusted, and local source gives you peace of mind. At Southern States, we’re proud to be one of the top Propane suppliers in the country.

Automatic Delivery vs Will Call

If you prefer convenience and peace of mind knowing your energy supply will never run out, automatic delivery might be the option for you. Southern States uses several technologies including a computerized degree day forecasting system, and remote tank monitors to track your energy consumption. We automatically schedule a delivery when our system indicates you need a fill. Choosing a supplier who offers automatic delivery eliminates the worry of checking your tank!

If you like to track your energy consumption, you can also monitor your usage and tank level and ask your propane supplier if they have a will call option to schedule a delivery.

Installation & Appliance Service Needs

If you’ve decided to make the switch to propane but you need options for new appliances or a tank-less water heater, choose a supplier that can also provide local, reliable, and highly trained service technicians. Southern States’ certified technicians can install highly efficient oil or propane gas furnaces or burners, as well as room heaters, fireplace logs, appliances, and propane gas water heaters.


For worry-free warmth, ask your propane provider about continuous maintenance plans. A maintenance contract ensures your system is serviced and ready to go, even on the coldest night, and keeps your equipment running smoothly all year long.

If you have questions about making the switch to propane or choosing the right supplier for your needs, contact one of our expert energy representativesto learn more about propane for your home, farm, or business.

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