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Feeding The Best Cat Food

Just like their giant cousins, cats need meat and that means feeding your pet the best cat food, wet or dry, along with fresh water. However, what you feed your pet cat to fulfill its needs will vary with its age, size and, activity levels.

Feeding Kittens

Kittens are bursting with energy and need plenty of protein. Nowadays, pet food is available for different stages of your pet's life. Choose a kitten stage high quality pet food that your pet enjoys.

You can also leave food for your kitten to graze on when your pet feels the need. Dry food is especially suitable for this. If you are feeding wet cat food You will have to be especially vigilant on spillages, uneaten food and, if you have other pets, you will need to watch that they are not getting an extra meal. Cat treats are fine as long as they do not exceed five percent of the daily food intake of your cat.

Feeding Adult Cat

After about a year, your cat should be mature and you will need to change to a cat food for adult cats when you can switch the feeding routine to twice a day. If your cat is an indoor cat then your pet should be fine with maintenance or below maintenance diet. More active cats may need much higher protein levels of up to 40 percent above maintenance levels. Caring for your senior cat sometimes requires special food or treatments.

Temperature variations in your cat's environment will be a factor in your pet's feeding needs too as will any health issues that your cat has or may be recovering from. Always go for a high quality cat food and talk to your veterinarian if you are unsure which maintenance level cat food is best for your pet.

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