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Feeding The Best Dog Food

The food that you give your dog is literally, the fuel of life for your pet. Dogs come in a myriad of sizes, breeds, characteristics, energy levels, and varying health issues. When it comes to feeding your dog one size will not fit all.

Feeding Puppies (0-1 years)

Puppies have lots of growing to do and depending on the breed will generally need a puppy food with a protein level of between 25 and 30 percent. Smaller breeds of dog may be fed on a demand basis, unless you have other pets of course, when this may cause a problem. With puppies of larger breeds it is probably better to start as you mean to go on and feed the appropriate portion. Puppies can be fed up to four times a day but be careful not to overfeed especially with large and giant breeds of dogs as this can cause premature growth spurts that may cause growth associated health concerns later.

Feeding A Full Grown Dog (1-6 years)

When your pet is full grown, you can expect to feed your dog twice a day. Feed dog treats but generally no more than as a five percent portion of your dog’s daily diet. For adult dogs a protein level of around 25 percent is often considered as a maintenance level. However, if your pet has a high level of activity or is a working dog, then you may need to feed a maintenance plus diet. Talk to your veterinarian about the ideal balanced diet for your dog. Furthermore, just like humans, some dogs can have food allergies and you may have to find a suitable dog food that won't cause a reaction in your pet.

Feeding An Older Dog (7+ years)

Older or senior dogs may be less willing or less able to take the same amount of exercise as before and keeping an eye on the calories that your pet takes in while maintaining its protein for muscle mass is a good idea. Some senior type dog food may have a reduced protein level and may not be right for your pet. Also, according to the ASPCA, some senior dogs may require extra Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) for maintaining your dog’s fur and skin, and food with antioxidants may boost the immune system of your dog. Talk to your veterinarian and also remember that feeding time for all ages will be a much better experience for your pet if your dog actually likes the taste.

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