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How to Teach Your Kids About Wild Birds

father teaching son about wild birds

Children have a natural curiosity and love for nature and wildlife. Birdwatching is great for children because it provides opportunities to be outdoors and instills an appreciation for science and nature that can last a lifetime. It is a hobby that all members of the family can enjoy. You can foster a love for wild birds by teaching your children about the types of birds that visit your backyard feeder.

Children love all types of animals, especially birds! Birds are fascinating to observe because they can fly. Other characteristics that make them great to watch include their beautiful feather colors and patterns as well as their chirping sounds. The longer you watch birds, the more you will start to notice their different personalities - they can be shy, aggressive, friendly, moody, bossy, or outgoing.; One of the greatest benefits of watching birds is the love of learning and appreciation for science and the great outdoors that will follow children throughout their lives.

Teaching kids about wild birds can be educational in so many different ways. Studying birds teaches children keen observation and listening skills. Learning about birds teaches geography as children study the habitats of different species and track their annual migration patterns across the states. Children who become involved in wild birdwatching learn to be more environmentally responsible with an interest in protecting different bird species and their natural surroundings. There are many things that you can do to encourage children to birdwatch. Actively involve your child in the process - choose the bird feeder together and decide the best place to put the bird feeder in your yard. Teach responsibility by letting your child fill the bird feeder with birdseed on a regular basis.

There are many family fun activities that focus on birds. Take photos of birds in your yard and create an avian scrapbook. Turn a photo of birds into a puzzle. Create a journal about your birdwatching experiences. Spend time together finding different species of birds and keep a list of all the birds you have seen. Research different species in a field guide and learn about the birds'; different behaviors and habitat. Birds you may discover in your local area include the Blue Jay, Eastern Bluebird, Carolina Chickadee, Northern Cardinal and the American Goldfinch. Download our Bird Coloring Book for a fun activity for your child. Color each picture as you identify each species. In addition, check out these free resources from The Cornell Lab for Ornithology for additional fun bird activities you can do at home.

Birdwatching is a fun hobby that your family can enjoy together for many years. You can find wild birdwatching supplies at your local Southern States.

Wild Bird Coloring Page

To help you teach your children about the birds that may visit your feeder, download our Wild Bird Coloring Page. You can look up the birds together with your kids to learn more about them.

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