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Nationwide: Insuring Your Farm and Home to Value

On today's farm, rising prices have a significant impact on production costs as well as profits, but rising costs can also impact your insurance coverage. Recent studies indicate that a vast number of homes and farm buildings throughout the United States are under-insured. Southern States has partnered with Nationwide® Agribusiness Insurance to bring you some helpful information on the importance of insuring your farm and home to its current value.

For most farmers, their farm is more than just a business. It's a legacy passed down from generation to generation. Any loss suffered can be emotionally and financially devastating. With today’s rising prices, being under-insured can create a serious financial shortfall when disaster strikes. If your property is inaccurately valued, you may not have enough coverage to fully replace your lost property, damaged equipment, supplies or inventory. With this in mind, it is important to periodically review your insurance coverage needs.

You want to have the peace of mind that you could replace your buildings, equipment and your inventory if you ever have to file a claim. How can you protect yourself? If your insurance agent has not been to your farm or acreage in a year or more, set up an appointment as soon as possible to verify the values on your insurance coverage. Property and equipment values are determined by a number of different factors that can change based on the national economy as well as the fluctuating cost of construction in your hometown. A regular review of your policy and these factors will ensure that the values stated on your policies are realistic.

Protect your farm and your home by discussing your insurance needs from time to time with your insurance agent. Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance understands your farming business and can make sure that your property and equipment values are monitored and their current values are kept up to date so that your coverage is sufficient for any loss that may occur.

Special Member Savings

At Southern States ®, we are proud to be a farmer-owned cooperative. Southern States has partnered with Nationwide ® to offer Southern States Cooperative member-producers in North Carolina and Virginia special discounts on farm insurance. In addition to giving you exclusive insurance savings, we're also joining forces to support the cooperative that means so much to you.

Nationwide® Agribusiness is the number 1 insurer of farms in the U.S. and a leading insurer of commercial agribusiness. Go to to find a local agent.

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