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Preparing Your Propane System For Weather-Related Emergencies

When an impending severe weather event is on its way, a little bit of preparation can go a long way in keeping you safe. Before the storm hits, be sure to take the right precautions to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your propane system.

How to prepare before the storm

Secure your tank. Securing your propane tank is a good idea year-round, as it can help prevent theft, but it is especially important during inclement weather. Use a tank lock, cable, or chain to secure your tank, and consider using a tank cover or dome for extra protection.

Mark your tank. Whether your tank is above or below ground, be sure to use a flag, pole, or stake to mark the location of your propane tank. This will help alert snowplow operators or other crews to avoid a potential accident.

Top off your supply. It’s a good rule of thumb to make sure the propane level in your tank is above 30% before an impending storm. After winter weather arrives, roads leading to your home or farm may be blocked or propane deliveries may be delayed. Plan ahead to avoid running out.

Check your detectors. If you have propane in your home, it is recommended to install a propane gas detector that is listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Follow the manufacturer instructions for installation and maintenance and never ignore the smell of propane - even if the detector is not sounding an alarm.

Know how to switch your system on and off. Make sure that you and your family members know where and how to shut off the outdoor propane supply and indoor propane appliances. If you suspect that any of your appliances or equipment are damaged during the storm.

After the severe weather has passed, check for any signs of structural damage, and call your Southern States propane technician if:

  • You smell gas
  • The tank has moved or shifted
  • The tank regulator was exposed to water
  • The gas lines are bent, damaged or broken, or if they have pulled away from the tank
  • Propane appliances were exposed to water

Southern States is dedicated to providing safe, reliable propane to customers in our service area. For more information on winter propane safety, please download the Propane Safety PDF or contact your local Southern States to schedule energy services.

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