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How-To Library

  • Home Canning Guide

    If you are trying home canning for the first time or just need a great reference guide, the USDA offers a Complete Guide To Home Canning. Download the full canning guide here.
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  • How To Make Blueberry Jam

    Making and canning your own blueberry jam is not as tricky as you might think! Whether you have years of experience making preserves or just a little, this simple recipe will tantalize you with the taste of summer blueberries year-round!
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  • Home Canning Series: IV

    Sometimes, even those who have been home canning for years may run into problems with their food-filled jars. Some problems are related to the condition of the jars or lids and/or how they were filled. Others relate to spoilage of the food or changes the food may have undergone during processing. We
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  • Home Canning Series: I

    Unsure what to do with that bumper crop of vegetables and fruits from the garden this summer? Southern States will guide you through preserving your fruits and vegetables by canning them in Mason jars to enjoy year round.
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  • Home Canning Series: V

    If you are new to home canning, don't be intimidated by thoughts of using a pressure canner. When used properly, pressure canners are very safe. At Southern States, we want to take the mystery out of pressure canning and provide you with answers to your pressure canning questions.
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