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  • Pet and Fly Control for Horses

    Every horse owner is familiar with the annoying insect pests that sometimes lurk in the stable or swarm in the pasture. These flies and mosquitoes are more than irritating; they can spread disease and cause health problems, too. Fortunately, horse owners have a variety of tools and management practices at their disposal to help keep these pests at bay.
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  • Horse Heat Stress Management

    As temperatures rise, so do the risks of your horse experiencing a heat related stress, such as dehydration and heat stroke. To make the most of your summer riding opportunities, keep an eye on your horse and modify your training and horse care program.
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  • Summer Pasture Management

    Proactively managing your pasture through the summer can help provide quality nutrition for your livestock all season long and next season, too. Let the pasture experts at your local Southern States store help you make sure the grass is always greener on your side.
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  • 10 Essential Items for Your Barn Medicine Chest

    The best way to handle any emergency situation that may arise with your horse is to think like a scout and be prepared. A well- stocked barn medicine chest will let you immediately start treating your horse’s injury or illness, instead of running around the barn looking for items you need.
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  • Pest Control For Your Stable

    If you own a barn or manage a stable, you’re likely aware of one persistent problem that plagues them all. PESTS. No matter the weather, season, or temperature, pests make their way to your stalls unless you have a formidable plan to dissuade them. Hopefully, you have an excellent strategy already in place. If you don’t, consider these pest control tips to fortify your stable and deter those pesky menaces from causing unnecessary harm to your barn ecosystem.
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