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New Garden Checklist

Vegetable Seed Guide

There is nothing nicer than harvesting your own produce. Healthy fresh vegetables picked straight from your plot retain considerably more of the nutrients that are often lost in transport and storage. Furthermore, a comparatively small investment in seeds and fertilizer added to a little diligent elbow grease can save you hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of dollars off your grocery bill. Starting and maintaining your own garden is easy and fun.

With Southern States, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy fresh produce from your own garden. Start with the check list below to begin planning your garden!

  • Start planning your garden in January
  • Choose a well-drained, sunny location with sandy loam soil
  • Test soil (see store for more information)
  • Apply lime and fertilizer in accordance with soil test results
  • Choose your vegetables
  • Start seeds indoors to maximize growing season
  • Till the garden
  • Mark off rows
  • Plant the seeds
  • Water the seeds
  • Thin your plants and begin weeding
  • Check for disease and pests for immediate control
  • Apply additional fertilizer
  • Support plants like tomatoes as they grow
  • Preservation-canning and freezing
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