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Winter Pest Control

During the winter, you and your animals are not the only ones seeking warmth! Like most of us, when it’s cold, many pests will relentlessly attempt to find their way indoors. Here are a few tried and true preventive measures to keep your home safe from pesky intruders.  

Termites & Carpenter Ants may be found nesting and destroying the wood in your house during the winter. If found, you must address this issue immediately before it worsens. Concentrates work well to kill these pests, or you may prefer to contact a professional exterminator for advice or service.

Birds, Bats & Squirrels are notorious for their sneaky entry into attics and chimneys. Be sure to cover chimneys with chimney caps and ensure there are no trees or shrubbery overhanging your roof. It’s also a good idea to check for rotting wood or unsealed entry points where utilities attach to your home.

Mice will enter your house through any small crack they can find. They can cause real damage to your home by chewing through wires and insulation. You may rid them by using mouse traps and poison. However, if you proactively seal your home, they will never have the opportunity to sneak inside.

Cockroaches are attracted to food and excess water. First things first, we recommend that you clean your gutters. It’s imperative to wipe, suck, or soak up any standing water while you are clearing solid debris out of your gutter system. Then once you’re finished cleaning them, take a hose and run water through your gutters in order to identify any places where it may be pooling. If you do see such a spot, you may need to realign or repair your gutters to ensure the water moves freely through them to prevent buildup and unwelcome cockroaches.

Additionally, store food items in plastic containers indoors and outdoors (rather than cardboard or other non-airtight containers). Make sure that all food products are stored off the ground, including pet foods.

Spiders like to hide out in corners and spaces that are not often used. They are also attracted to other bugs in your house. While you may use spider killer for existing infestations, the easiest way to prevent spiders is to proactively clean your space so as not to attract the bugs they like to feast on. The best prevention: store unused items in sealed containers and vacuum frequently.

Fleas can catch a ride on one of your beloved family pets and make their way into your home. This can be avoided by simply using a preventative flea product suitable for your animal. Talk to your veterinarian about what the safest and easiest option is for your pet(s).


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