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  • Nationwide: Keep Your Crop on Schedule

    Plan ahead to help keep your crop on schedule The following information is provided by Nationwide®, the #1 farm and ranch insurer in the U.S.1 Ensuring you have the right products and tools to raise a bountiful crop is a...

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  • Lawn-Care Essentials

    If the hot summer weather is taking a toll on your lawn, the folks at your local Southern States retailer can help. Weeds and insects are your yard's worst nightmares during the summer months, but never fear. Southern States has the products and expert advice you need to bring your lawn back to that spring-fresh appearance.
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  • a wooden bin that helps compost properly

    How to Compost Properly

    In the winter months, it can seem as though there is very little to do in the garden. One very beneficial thing you can do as you prepare for spring is to begin composting your organic material to create a rich soil conditioner that will feed and support your garden all year long. Composting is a process that can take months, so plan ahead to ensure your compost is ready when you begin to plant.
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  • Winter Pet Care

    When winter chills strike we can put on a sweater, crank up the heating, or put another log on the fire. Your pets grow a winter coat but it is not always enough.
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  • Winter Pest Control

    During the winter, you and your animals are not the only ones seeking warmth! Like most of us, when it’s cold, many pests will relentlessly attempt to find their way indoors. Here are a few tried and true preventive measures to keep your home safe from pesky intruders.
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  • Winterizing Your Chicken Coop

    Winterizing your chicken coop can protect your flock from cold weather hazards such as frostbite and hypothermia. With attention to a few details, your hens will be happy and continue laying eggs throughout the cold months.
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