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  • FS Talent™ Adjuvant

    FS Talent is a fully loaded nonionic surfactant with built in deposition and drift reduction technology. The unique APE/NPE free formula provides a...

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  • FS Captis™ Adjuvant

    FS Captis is technology designed to maximize herbicide effectiveness of herbicides applied to the soil. FS Captis can help stretch the performance ...

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  • FS AMS Max 2.0™ Adjuvant

    FS AMS MAX 2.0 is a convenient, surfactant/ammonium sulfate system designed for use with glyphosate. FS AMS MAX 2.0 enhances glyphosate performance...

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  • FS MaxSupreme™ Adjuvant

    FS MaxSupreme™ is a patented plant-based polymer and activator adjuvant specifically formulated to maximize herbicide performance on a wide range o...

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