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REVENGE® Fly Catchers

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THE original fly catcher ribbon. Guaranteed not to dry out, leak in transit and storage, or be messy and obnoxious to use, like others are. Our “EZ Grab Tab”, unfurls the ribbon cleanly and easily. Ribbons attract and capture flies Guaranteed not to dry out Odorless No poison Attracts and captures flies Additional Product Information ATTRACTS & CAPTURES FLIES - These strips kill flies without poisons, sprays, or fumes. They land on the sticky strip and become stuck. INDOOR USE - Our traps are ideal for use in houses, garages, storage sheds, & areas where animals are kept. EZ GRAB TAB - The "EZ Grab Tab" allows users to unfurl our ribbons cleanly & easily from their tubes. THUMBTACK INCLUDED - Each strip of fly tape conveniently comes with its own thumbtack. This allows you to easily hang Fly Catcher Ribbons from the ceiling. EASY DISPOSAL - When full of flies, remove from the ceiling and throw ribbon into the trash. Clean up with non-toxic glue with peanut butter or vegetable oil.