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Adequate soil fertility in your pasture ground is vital to the success and sustainability of your forage acres. While many considerations are given to the macronutrient side of fertility - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - what about micronutrients?

MicroSync® Granular Micronutrient is a combination micronutrient formulation that provides a superior balance of nutrients precisely created to prevent or correct micronutrient deficiencies. Uniformly blended combinations of finely divided particles compacted together produces these homogeneous granules. In the soil, these granules are activated by soil moisture creating millions of particles within the root zone for conversion and uptake.

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Important: Always read and follow label use directions.
A Verdesian NUE Solution is a trademark, and MicroSync is a registered trademark of Verdesian life Sciences. 2023 Verdesian Life Sciences. All rights reserved.

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