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Fs Agri-Finance

Exciting changes coming to the FS Agri-Finance Program through Southern States

Exciting Changes for the 2024 Crop Year

September 1, 2023, FS Agri-Finance will be aligning with The Cooperative Finance Association (CFA) as our loan- funding partner. We are confident that CFA better represents the needs of Southern States and our Agri-Finance customers.

You will have the same opportunities to utilize FS Agri-Finance for crop input financing and work with the same people you do today. Some changes you will notice include:

  • Detailed FS Agri-Finance statement
  • New customer portal
  • Fast App limit increase to $600,000

As a result of these changes, we will be asking all customers to complete a new application for the 2024 crop year. he FastApp may be completed in paper form or electronically. For loans greater than $600,000 the application process will be nearly identical to our past process.

In preparation, we encourage you to access and setup your user account. Once your user account is setup, you will have the ability to monitor 2024 loan advances, 2024 loan balances, make 2024 loan payments and access 2024 monthly statements. The 2023 loans will continue to be supported through the portal at

We look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss your crop input and financing needs for 2024! We thank you for your business and continued support of the FS Agri-Finance program. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Anne Clingenpeel
(804) 281-1466

Seth Diggs
(804) 338-9092

Jay McCants
(502) 220-2830