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3/32" x 50’ 7x7 Galvanized Aircraft Cable in a clamshell package. Pre-cut cable is bound neatly and includes four Wire Rope Clips and two Thimbles for creating multiple eye loops. KingChain galvanized aircraft cables are used for many material handling applications and have typical home uses for garage door cables, winch lines, tie-downs, dog runs, hanging signs, and guy wires for flagpoles. KingChain aircraft cable is made in accordance with US Federal Specification RR-W-410D. The cable is hot-dipped galvanized for long lasting durability and moderate corrosion resistance. The 7x7 construction consists of 7 individual wires laid in a spiral around a center "King" wire to form a strand. Seven strands are then wound together to form a cable. This construction provides good strength, good flexibility and good abrasion resistance. This cable has a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 184 lbs (83 kg). Not intended for aircraft use.