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Ancra Cargo 1.5” x 16’ Industrial J-Hook Ratchet Tie-Down, Clamshell

SKU 07006005
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Strength and durability are what we had in mind when we engineered our 1.5-in. x 16-ft. industrial ratchet tie-down. This strap, which can handle cargo up to 1,666 lbs, is equipped with high-quality hardware that work flawlessly together with the 1.5-in. yellow polyester webbing to achieve and maintain a solid hold over your cargo. Our 1.5-in. open handle ratchet is equipped with an aluminum grip for a more comfortable hold for better leverage while the pair of chromate-coated steel wire J-hooks are designed to easily squeeze into the narrower tie-down points along your vehicle. These hooks offer much more versatility and maneuverability compared to other bulkier hooks and end fittings. The 1.5-in. x 16-ft. industrial ratchet tie-down is packaged for retail sale in a single pack clamshell and is sold as eaches in cartons of 4.