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Ancra Cargo 10-PC Jar of Assorted EPDM Tarp Ties

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Ancra’s 10-pc. jar of assorted EPDM tarp ties features a variety of tarp ties designed to secure tarps to vehicles or act as bungee cords with greater stretch resistance. Featuring weather-resistant EPDM rubber, our assortment of tarp ties maintains high-performance stretch and recovery properties in cold climates and resists UV rays in hot climates. Light-duty zinc-coated steel wire hooks provide plenty of strength for connecting to anchor points. The 10-pc. jar of assorted EPDM tarp ties contains the following tarp ties: (4) 14″; (2) 19″; (2) 24″; and (2) 35″ tarp ties. The tarp ties are not load rated. The jar of assorted tarp ties comes packaged for retail sale in a reusable plastic jar and is sold as eaches in cartons of 12.