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Ancra Cargo 2-Ply Tapered Loop Eye-to-Eye Lifting Sling

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Ancra's 2-ply tapered loop eye-to-eye lifting sling combines high-strength polyester with durability for a lightweight alternative to chain or wire rope. The double-ply polyester material provides double the strength capacity of our standard single-ply slings for vertical, choker, and basket configurations, while also stretching less than nylon and having superior moisture resistance. Tapered loops provide a better choke hitch with the eye-to-eye design, and they have been reinforced at the bearing points to prevent wear and extend the lifespan of the lifting sling. To increase durability and reliability, a protective wear sleeve has been added. Polyester sling webbing with reinforced loops and protective wear sleeve Double-ply design for superior strength Polyester material for less stretch and improved moisture resistance