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Ancra Cargo 4" x 40' Vehicle Recovery Strap w/Sewn Loops

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Ancra’s 4-in. x 40-ft. vehicle recovery strap can help get your car or truck out of a difficult situation. Its durable build includes tough polyester webbing that can withstand a maximum vehicle weight (MVW) of 16,000 lbs and resists a list of conditions including abrasion, UV, chemicals, and mildew so you can be confident in our straps for years down the road. The sewn loop design is simple and versatile for securing the vehicle to another vehicle or anchor point. The 4-in. x 40-ft. vehicle recovery strap with sewn loops provides strength, longevity, and reliability for recovering automobiles and trucks from ditches, mud, and other harsh conditions, and features a sewn-in storage band for convenient storage. The recovery strap comes packed in pre-labeled bulk bins for easy merchandising. Extreme CAUTION should be taken when using any recovery strap. Place a blanket or soft material at the center of the strap to lessen potential snap back should webbing break. Stand clear of rebound path. Attach only to solid anchor points capable of carrying the load that won’t detach from either vehicle such as the axle, tow hook or clevis hitch. Never attach to a tow ball. Place stuck vehicle in neutral and begin with a rocking motion to break suction around tires before attempting to pull vehicle free.