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Axiom Products Accupour 64oz Measuring Pitcher 2 liter

SKU 11110696

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At Axiom Products, we designed our ACCUPOUR line of measuring pitchers to meet the chemical handling needs of your customers, and we started with materials. Our measuring pitchers feature durable construction and are made from food-grade polypropylene that’s also chemical resistant to withstand virtually any application. Accurate Measuring, GuaranteedOur ACCUPOUR pitchers also offer raised measuring graduations in both US fluid ounces and metric units to ensure easy, accurate measuring. Because the measuring scale is built into the mold instead of printed on, we guarantee the consistency and accuracy of every pitcher we produce. The raised measuring scale is also debossed in black for improved readability. Ergonomic DesignWe built our ACCUPOUR pitchers to provide more than consistent, reliable measuring instruments. We also designed them with ergonomics and regular use in mind. Our unique handle offers improved user comfort, even when wearing gloves or other safety equipment. The open handle also provides improved control and stability, and the spout is designed to never drip or spill. All of our ACCUPOUR measuring pitchers feature:Raised graduations in US fluid ounces and metric units to ensure accurate measurementsDebossed black markings for easy readingUnique handle for improved user comfort and stability, even with a gloved handOpen-bottom handle to make stacking and storing pitchers in limited space easierVersatile spout that provides excellent pouring control from a fine trickle to a fast pour