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Big and J HEADRUSH - BB2-BKM20 - Powerful Long Range Deer Attractant - Whitetail 20 LBS

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Long-range BB2™ aromaTo ensure more deer will find and consume HEADRUSH™, we’ve given it the powerful, long-range aroma of BB2™ and added salt, both of which deer love. Bioavailable trace mineralsHEADRUSH™ contains several key trace minerals, including zinc, copper, manganese (which antlered animals really need) and cobalt. The difference is, with HEADRUSH™, these minerals are bioavailable, meaning they are readily absorbed by the animal as opposed to excreted. Calcium aids antler growthWe’ve also added calcium, a key to bone/antler growth, which is not readily available in the natural environment. HeadrushHeadrush is a product that will not only aid in adding inches of bone, but the aroma and flavor will literally mess with their mind. Headrush is a salt-based formula with added Calcium and bioavailable trace mineral sources of Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Cobalt. We all know that deer love salt even when it is not fortified with other ingredients. Big and J has taken salt based supplements to the next level by adding an aroma that deer cannot resist,Calcium (a major component in bone and antler growth), and bioavailable trace elements that aid in cellular function and overall herd health. When to feed: Year round.