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Buck Jam® Sweet Corn

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We crammed everything we could into Buck Jam® for a jam-packed mineral site. It's got savory flavor profiles deer crave, but more importantly, it's got vital minerals they need. Liquid mineral enhanced with irresistible corn flavorDraws deer in and keeps them coming backEstablish or maintain active mineral sites quickly and easilyWorks year-roundIncredibly long lastingLeaches deep into any substrateBegins working immediately upon applicationReady to use; no mixing requiredSuper dense mineral concentration Site Selection TipsSelect a shaded area near active deer crossingsSandy soils will leach minerals sooner than heavy clay-type soilsAllow for a total site diameter of 10 feetCreate two sites per 100 acresDirections For UseClear all debris in a 4-foot diameterLoosen soil once area has been clearedPour liquid directly onto siteSeasonal ActivityMinerals can help pattern deer year-round, but bucks and does consume different amounts seasonally depending on their needs.Early Spring: Mineral consumption is high due to does carrying fawns and bucks seeking out minerals to grow new antlers.Spring: Mineral consumption remains high while does nurse fawns and bucks continue antler development.Summer: Deer consume minerals as needed for improved overall health, including healthy digestion. Bucks reach final antler growth potential during this time.Fall: During the rut, does consume more minerals and bucks consume fewer. However, rutting bucks will seek out mineral sites in search of does who have visited the site.Winter: Mineral consumption aids in preparing the herd for the cold months ahead.