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3/0 x 15’ Zinc-Plated Tenso Chain, packed in a convenient, reusable storage tub. Safe Work Load (SWL) of 305 lbs. Comes with one 3/16" Zinc-Plated Quick Link! KingChain Tenso Chain, also known as Double Loop, Lion or Knotted chain, is made from low carbon steel, is not heat-treated and has a standard zinc plated finish. This weldless chain is manufactured to NACM standards. This type of chain is frequently used on playground and gym equipment, as cattle ties on farms and form leashes in kennels. It is also used in many general-purpose applications, such as on gates, doors, porch swings and tie-out chains. Tenso Chain is useful because it will not bind or kink when rotated. Do not use for overhead lifting. Never exceed the Safe Working Load (SWL).