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Earth Science Grown Essentials Wildflower Bouquet Mix

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Brighten your landscape with a burst of brilliantly colored flowers. We make it easy with this all-in-one formula that contains natural wildflower seed, mulch, plant food, and soil conditioners. Our Bouquet Mix is a carefully selected blend of 9 wildflower species, including cosmos, rocket larkspur, zinnia, and Shasta daisy. 3-in-1 Formula 2 lbs covers 200 sq ft. BOUQUET MIX DETAIL GENUS/SPECIES COMMON NAME TYPE HEIGHT IN. GERM TIME WEEKS TO FIRST BLOOM Gypsophila elegans Annual Baby's Breath A 8-18 10-20 days 5-7 weeks Calendula officinalis Calendula (Pacific Beauty Mix) A 12-24 7-14 days 7-8 weeks Cosmos bipinnatus Cosmos (Sensation Mix) A 36-60 14-21 days 8-10 weeks Delphinium consolida Rocket Larkspur A 12-36 14-28 days 12-13 weeks Rudbeckia hirta Black-Eyed Susan B 12-36 7-30 days Summer-Fall Zinnia elegans Zinnia (California Giant Mix) A 30-40 5-14 days 8-10 weeks Clarkia amoena Dwarf Godetia A 8-14 21-28 days 9-11 weeks Chrysanthemum maximum Shasta Daisy P 18-30 15-30 days Summer Papaver rhoeas Corn Poppy A 12-30 10-30 days 9-10 weeks PLANT KEY: A = Annual B = Biennial P = Perennial TP = Tender Perennial