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Evolved Deer Co-Cain Block

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Customer is responsible for checking, and keeping up-to-date, on local laws and regulations regarding the use of this product.  They'll love how it tastes, and you'll love the results. Our original Deer Cane® formula reacts with moisture to release vapors that will bring deer to a highly active mineral site. The time-release block formula lasts longer than powders and saturates into the soil with rain. Brick form of our most popular mineral ever Draws deer in and keeps them coming back Time releases for long-lasting power Saturates into soil when it rains Works year-round Won't wash away Ready to use; no mixing required Site Selection Tips Select a shaded area near active deer crossings Sandy soils will leach minerals sooner than heavy clay-type soils Allow for a total site diameter of 10 feet Create two sites per 100 acres Seasonal Activity Minerals can help pattern deer year-round, but bucks and does consume different amounts seasonally depending on their needs. Early Spring: Mineral consumption is high due to does carrying fawns and bucks seeking out minerals to grow new antlers. Spring: Mineral consumption remains high while does nurse fawns and bucks continue antler development. Summer: Deer consume minerals as needed for improved overall health, including healthy digestion. Bucks reach final antler growth potential during this time. Fall: During the rut, does consume more minerals and bucks consume fewer. However, rutting bucks will seek out mineral sites in search of does who have visited the site. Winter: Mineral consumption aids in preparing the herd for the cold months ahead.