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Evolved Sugar Beet Pro™ Plot Mixers® 6 Lbs

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Plot Mixers® premium food plot additives are now powered by ProGro™ Biostimulant. This proprietary seed coating yields stronger, healthier plants. Sugar Beet Pro™ premium additive is the perfect food crop to add to your blend of choice. Our sugar beet seed provides an irresistible source of nutritious forage with bulbs to paw at, and foliage to gnaw at. Sugar Beet Pro can be mixed with 2-10 pounds of your favorite blend. ProGro™ Biostimulant Seed CoatingPremium food additiveAdds nutrition to food plot blendsEnhances palatabilityEasy applicationSugar beet taste deer loveNutritious forage from foliage to bulb DIRECTIONSMix one bag of Sugar Beet Pro™ seed additive directly into the bag of your favorite food plot seed. Thoroughly fold the seeds together in the original packaging, making sure to mix all seeds completely. Pour entire contents into your hopper or seed spreader and follow the base seed instructions for planting. When planting as a single seed plot, prepare ground by removing existing vegetation and cultivating soil 4 to 6 inches deep. Evenly spread seed using a hand spreader. Do not cover with more than a half-inch of dirt.