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Evolved Turnip Seed 2.5 Lb.

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Turnips are adaptive to an extremely wide range of soil types and weather conditions, making them a hugely successful addition to any food plot strategy. Turnip Pro™ utilizes ProGro™ Biostimulant to grow taller, stronger, healthier plants and more forage per acre. In the fall as weather cools, the sweet and sugary attraction of turnips concentrates the herd and supplements them just before late winter months when food becomes scarce. Turnip Pro provides a feast for deer as they load up on nutrients before the most crucial time of year. ProGro™ Biostimulant Seed CoatingVital for overall health of entire herdProduces high yields and keeps growing backDelicious turnip taste attracts and holds deerAdaptable to wide range of weather and soil typesImportant source of nutrients before crucial winter monthsLeafy, sugary forest attracts and patterns deerTurnip bulbs keep deer coming back into late season