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Farnam Mare Plus®

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For Mare Plus® Gestation and Lactation Supplement: Nutrition plays an important role in the reproductive cycle and in ensuring a healthy pregnancy, especially in the last trimester and during early lactation. Farnam® Mare Plus® Gestation & Lactation Supplement is rich in vitamins A, D and E to help keep mares in optimal body condition during all stages of breeding. Helps maintain optimal body condition of pregnant and lactating mares Provides nutrients important for the health of mares and their unborn or nursing foals Helps support fetal development in the last trimester and during lactation Formulated with a balanced calcium/phosphorous ratio plus protein, amino acids, folic acid and vitamin E to replace the nutrients in the mare’s diet that she’s providing to her unborn foal Compliments your mare's normal diet! Easy-to-feed PELLETS! Available in 40-Day and 60-Day Supply Supplements for every age & every stage. Check out Grow Colt® Growth and Developmental Supplement or Vita Plus® Balanced Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement   For Mare Plus® Powder: Keeps broodmares in optimal condition Balanced vitamin-mineral concentrate with vitamins A, D and E, plus calcium, phosphorous and iodine Recommended for year-round supplementation of broodmares Available in 3 lb., 7 lb. and 20 lb. sizes