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Previously known as the Gallagher Smartfix, a Fault Finder can save hours in time diagnosing shorts, low voltage, and other electric fence issues. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but feature-rich enough to do everything your run of the mill digital volt meter can and more, this fault finder measures current, voltage, direction of the fault, and more. Multi-mode fault finding tool: Current Meter and Digital Volt Meter (DVM) Convenient pocket size Modern water resistant and impact resistant case Large easy to read LCD display Long life battery - up to 3 years Auto ON/OFF. Activated when fence pulse is detected Switch to change between DVM and Current Meter modes Retractable voltage probe for reading voltage on energizers and other hard to reach areas Micro-chip technology that enables low voltage operation Detachable earth lead All parts fully replaceable Low battery indication HOW IT WORKS When used as a DVM: can be used to measure voltage on all energizer types, measures up to 15KV; use without earth lead for everyday fence voltage reading (earth lead will give more precise readings, particularly for measuring earth voltage.); retractable probe allows easy access to energizer terminals, cut-out switches and other difficult to reach areas When used as a Current Meter: large arrows makes for easy fault finding by showing direction of fault; digital display of current (A) makes for easy detection of faults; bar graph indicating voltage while in current meter mode; cordless operation