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Gallagher North America Equine Fence Wire

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The next generation in Equine Fence Wire! A newly designed larger shock surface provides a safe and effective electric fence for horses. A large diameter smooth coating minimizes the risk of injury to the animal.  Overview Reduced risk of animal injury  Smooth polymer coating provides superior animal safety   Superior shock  33% more conductive surface area ensures a more effective shock  Strong and durable  High tensile steel core   Long life  High-stress crack & UV resistant pipe grade polyethylene with a 10-year warranty  High visibility option for added safety   Available in white for an easy-to-see fence   Diameter or Tape Width7.8mmWarranty10YearProduct Length250mVoltage (kV) at 2km of fence6.1kVVoltage (kV) at 5km of fence4.5kVDiameter or Tape Width0.3"Ohms Per Km11.5Voltage (kV) at 10km of fence3.2kVWarranty10YearPack Quantity1