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Hamer Pellet Corp Wood Pellets for Pellet Heat Stove Statesman Brand New

SKU 05902083

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Our smoking pellets are a great option if you love to barbecue. We make four different flavors of Hamer’s Smokers – maple, oak, hickory and cherry. Unlike many of our competitors, Hamer’s Smokers feature no blends. Each flavor of pellets is 100% made of the species listed on the bag with no additives or artificial flavoring agents. We are able to do this because we source from sawdust that comes from our family owned saw mills. You can taste the difference when you use an all-natural pellet source with no binders like Hamer’s Smokers. Our Smokers come in 40 pound bags with incorporated UV protection.  We recommend you keep the pellets in a dry, protected area for best results when smoking. You can incorporate our pellets into a normal barbecue grill, smoker boxes, smokers, and of course, they work wonderfully in pellet grills. Pellet grills using smoker pellets keep your food moist and do not dry out your food like many other grills.  Hamer’s Smokers add flavor that packs a punch and come in unique varieties that can complement meat products, fish, and even vegetables. You can even mix the smokers together to create your own custom blend.