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Nano Pro MT Dry Lubricant 11 Oz

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Nano Pro MT Dry Lubricant can be used anywhere lubrication is needed but dust and dirt trapping oil residues are not. It’s carriers flash off (evaporate), leaving behind a thin dry film of nanoscale lubricants that work at the Nano level without graphite or silicone. Our dry lube reduces friction on metal to metal contacts to extraordinarily low levels – reducing wear and improving efficiency. No oily residue, nonstick.Dries FAST to prevent the collection of dirt and dust.Moisture-displacing film evaporates away leaving a thin dry film of Nano lubricants.Ozone friendly – CFC and trichloroethane free.Perfect for polymers and ceramics.Protects against corrosion and rust at the Nano level.49 state compliant (not CA compliant) Works great on garage doors, RV slide-outs, truck hinges, gears, oven chains, motorcycle or bicycle chains, ignitions, motors, firearms, reciprocating sliding mechanisms, and window tracks.