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Nickers International Gen-a-horse Biotin, 15 Mg

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Gen-A-Horse is a super concentrated biotin supplement for horses. It contains more biotin and less carrier than any other biotin supplement. Gen-A-Horse contains 1,168 mg of biotin and is fortified with 7,056 mg of zinc methionine per pound. Each level scoop weighs less than 1/4 ounce, yet provides 15 mg of biotin and 92 mg of zinc methionine, the most bio-available form of zinc. Strengthens and improves hoof growth, allowing horses to hold shoes full term. Gen-A-Horse, formulated in a base of wheat middlings (or rice hulls), is highly palatable. Contains no animal by-products, no additives, artificial flavors or colors. 1,168 mg of biotin per pound.Fortified with 7,056 mg zinc methionine per pound.Promotes healthy hooves, frogs, skin and coat.Improves performance in 3-6 months.Proven remedy for restoring health to problematic hooves.