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Nufarm Diquat 37.3% SPC 2 L Gallon

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Diquat SPC 2L herbicide provides non-selective control of aquatic weeds on contact. It spreads quickly through the water for broad-spectrum control of floating, submersed and marginal weeds. The product is foliar-applied and is slightly translocated through plant tissue. A surfactant enhances activity. It is completely inactivated on contact with soil. With Diquat SPC 2L herbicide, there are no concerns about groundwater, toxicity to fish, other organisms or wildlife. KEY PERFORMANCE BENEFITS Works quickly — no waiting for aquatic weed control Broad-spectrum activity successfully controls key aquatic weeds Non-systemic, contact activity controls only the weeds it contacts Easy-to-use liquid formulation makes application trouble-free  APPLICATION RECOMMENDATIONS Diquat SPC 2L herbicide is used to control aquatic weeds in public waters such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs, marshes, bayous, drainage ditches, canals, streams, rivers, and other slow moving or quiescent bodies of water. Optimum control of submersed weeds is obtained by applying Diquat SPC 2L herbicide when the weeds are actively growing (photosynthesizing), typically when water temperatures are about 50°F or more. PRECAUTIONS AND RESTRICTIONSDO NOT apply this product through any type of irrigation system.DO NOT apply to water that is moving or if outflow leads to public waters.DO NOT apply to weeds growing under stress.Take caution to avoid drift onto desirable crops and vegetation. See label for complete application rates and recommendations.  EPA REG. NO.: 228-675ACTIVE INGR.: diquat dibromide (37.3%)FORMULATION: liquidCHEM. FAMILY: bipyridyliumGROUP NUMBER: 22SIGNAL WORD: cautionRESTRICTED: noPACKAGE SIZE: 4 x 1 gal, 2 x 2.5 gal  KEY USESAquatic areas (NY state requires supplemental label)Dormant established turfgrass (bermudagrass, zoysiagrass)Landscape (industrial, recreational, commercial, residential)Turf renovation (except commercial sod farms) KEY WEEDS CONTROLLED(See product label for complete list)BladderwortCattailDuckweedFrog’s bitHydrillaPennywortWater hyacinthWater lettuceWatermilfoil