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Prosaro® Fungicide

Prosaro® fungicide improves grain quality and maximizes yield through unbeatable broad-spectrum disease control of most major leaf and head diseases in wheat, including Fusarium head blight. With two active ingredients, this Bayer fungicide can control all the same diseases as strobilurin chemistries, with the added benefit of helping to manage levels of deoxynivalenol, or vomitoxin.

Key benefits:

  • 1 scab reducer ‒ excellent performance against Fusarium head blight and proven deoxynivalenol reduction in harvested grain
  • Controls scab, leaf, stem and stripe rusts, septoria leaf spot, glume blotch, tan spot and powdery mildew
  • Unique combination of fast action and long residual action
  • Proven quality and yield increases under a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Very stable formulation means it can be stored for several years – even longer under ideal storage conditions
  • Rainfast within two hours of application or until treated surface is fully dry

Additional product information:

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