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Redmond Equine Redmond Rock®- Equine Minerals 7 lb.

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Is your horse dehydrated or depleted of salt and essential trace minerals? Redmond Rock is a great alternative to salt blocks. It's packed with minerals and electrolytes to hydrate horses and bring them back into healthy mineral balance. Nourish your horse and help her thrive with natural Redmond Rock. INGREDIENTS WHAT MAKES REDMOND ROCK DIFFERENT FROM A MINERAL BLOCK Horse owners provide salts licks for horses to replace essential trace minerals and to trigger their thirst for water. But not all salt licks are created equal. Manufactured, pressed horse blocks usually contain six or seven artificially-added minerals. All-natural Redmond Rock has 60+ beneficial trace minerals for horses. ROCK SALT VS. MINERAL OR SALT BLOCK FOR HORSES REDMOND ROCK INGREDIENTS: Unrefined Mineral Salt Mineral Max Min Calcium   .35% Phosphorous   .002% Salt 96% 91% Magnesium   .06% Potassium   .03% Sulphur   .07% Copper   3 ppm Zinc   1 ppm FULL MINERAL ANALYSIS WHY WE LOVE IT PACKED WITH MINERALS Redmond Rock contains 60 + trace minerals to nourish and naturally balance your horse. EXCELLENT HYDRATION AID Contains essential electrolytes that encourage your horse to drink more. BETTER THAN HIMALAYAN Our rock contains more than twice the mineral content of Pakistani-mined Himalayan rock. HOLDS UP IN WEATHER Because they came from the earth, our solid rock stands up to Mother Nature and is slow to dissolve. MINED IN THE USA 100% of our mineral salt rock is mined, sorted, and packaged right here in America. PREFERRED BY HORSES Eight out of ten horses choose Redmond Rock over the competition.