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Stay Tuff Cattle-Tuff Fence

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Designed with toughness and versatility in mind, CATTLE-TUFF is an all-encompassing fence solution that can handle all varieties of livestock—both big and small. Stronger than conventional cattle fencing, it is ultra-resistant to impact and retains its shape even after intense stress or severe weather conditions. Need the best? Choose CATTLE-TUFF. USES Specifically designed for livestock control. Pasture & cross fencing. FEATURES Redi-Roll. Pre-stripped rolls with 18” of vertical stays removed from both ends of the roll. High tensile wire. Heavy duty Class 3 galvanization. Longer rolls for convenience and moreefficient fence construction. Works in conjunction with STAY-TUFF Post Clips and Welded Wire Panels. WHY USE THIS PRODUCT Lasts 3 times longer than a traditional hinged joint. Will remain tighter and won’t lose its shape. Lasts 3 times longer than a traditional hinged joint. 3 point tension curves allow for the fence to absorb shock, flowover terrain and maintain tension during climate changes. Use less post when compared to traditional low carbon fencing. Superior strength prevents creeping through fence, confining livestock to designated areas. Cattle are unable to put their head through this fence. Kinder to animals and less damage to the animal’s hide. The superior design means lower maintenance cost. STAY-TUFFPART NO. DESCRIPTION WEIGHT ROLL PERTRUCKLOAD ROLL PERPALLET HORIZONTALWIRES FENCEHEIGHT (") SPACING BETWEENVERTICAL WIRES (") ROLL LENGTH (')   ST-820 ST 949-6-330 189 130 6 9 49 6 330   ST-821 ST 949-12-330 134 234 9 9 49 12 330   ST-823 ST 949-12-660 267 130 5 9 49 12 660                       MADE TO ORDER ITEMS   ST-822B ST 949-3-200 200 130 5 9 49 3 200   FENCE SPEC WHERE USED REASON   949-6 Internal & Corral fence, high pressure areas. 6" spacing for greater strength.   949-12 Boundary & Pasture fence, low pressure areas. Cost saving with 12" spacing over long distances.   1661-3 Corrals, high pressure areas. Higher fence, 3" spacing for maximum strength and animal control.