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Swan FlexritePRO Hose

SKU 10220022
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Description Swan® FlexritePRO® Hose Available in 5/8in x 25, 50, 75 and 100ft lengths. If the length is not available in the drop down menu, then it is out of stock at this time.Swan’s FlexritePRO® garden hose is a heavy-duty and extremely flexible garden hose that meets the most demanding needs of gardeners, landscapers, serious DIYers and other related professionals.It’s also an ideal heavy-duty flexible hose for the homeowner who needs the strength of a professional garden hose combined with maximum flexibility to water the lawn or to power-wash a home, vehicle or equipment.The FlexritePRO®’s power is due to its 5/8-inch inside diameter and 400+ PSI burst strength, which allow a large amount of water to pass through the heavy-duty hose at high speed. To prevent the FlexritePRO® from bursting or kinking, the ultra durable hose is constructed of a special water coat surrounded by polyester mesh for reinforcement.This burst-proof garden hose also doesn’t kink at the water source thanks to Swan’s patented Hose Armour® at the female coupling. At the male coupling, an octagonal nut tightly attaches the flexible hose to a nozzle or sprinkler with the turn of a wrench.The FlexritePRO® heavy-duty water hose is further reinforced by an abrasion-resistant jacket, which helps protect it from being dragged over a construction site, while built-to-last couplings can withstand being run over by heavy equipment up to 4,000 PSI.A limited lifetime warranty ensures the FlexritePRO® heavy-duty garden hose will maintain its strength and flexibility at your job site or home. Features 400+ PSI burst strength Heavy-duty flexible garden hose Ideal for gardeners, landscapers, serious DIYers and other related professionals Also appropriate for watering the lawn and connecting to a power washer Extra reinforcement for burst resistance Abrasion-resistant jacket is easy to clean, helps prevent wear and tear Patented Hose Armour® prevents kinking at the water source Lead-free-aluminum couplings are crush-proof up to 4,000 PSI Fits all standard faucets and most water accessories Limited lifetime warranty 5/8” inside diameter Available as a 25-ft. flexible garden hose, a 50-ft. flexible garden hose, a 75-ft. flexible garden hose and a 100-ft. flexible garden hose Made in the USA with global components Technical Specs ID: Available in 5/8-inchPSI: 400+Duty Rating: HeavyWeight: 5/8-inch x 25-feet - 4.1 lbs, 5/8-inch x 50-feet - 8.4 lbs, 5/8-inch x 75-feet - 12.3 lbs, 5/8-inch x 100-feet - 16.4 lbs