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TeeJet Technologies Aixr11002vp 110 Flat Fan Spray Tips (4 Count) Yellow

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The XR TeeJet® is a flat fan spray tip for low-volume applications providing high-quality droplet size and ground distribution. FEATURESTapered edge flat spray angle pattern for uniform coverage in broadcast spray application.Reduces drift at lower pressures, better coverage at higher pressures.Ceramic is available with corrosive resistant polypropylene VisiFlo color-coded tip holder in 80° capacities 03–08 and 110° capacities 02–08.XR110025 only available in VK.XR80025 and XR80035 only available in VS.Brass available in 110° only.Automatic spray alignment with 114441A-*-CELR (01 to 08) or 114443A-*-CELR (10 and 15) Quick TeeJet® cap and gasket.