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The Berkebile Oil Company Protection First Class Pro Undercoating System: 5 Gallon

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Protection First Class offers an inexpensive alternative to rubberized undercoating. PFC rust preventative remains soft and flexible. It actually creates a self-healing barrier! PFC continues to protect long after other water-soluble or solvent-based products have evaporated or worn off. Another great feature of PFC is that its translucent film is easy to see through and diagnose problems before they happen, unlike rubberized undercoating, which masks the problem and allows rust to grow and spread under its surface! It lasts for up to a year, is easy to remove, and is inexpensive and easy to reapply. To apply, first clean the vehicle thoroughly and remove any scaled rust. Next, shake the PFC liquid thoroughly before filling the spray gun reservoir. Now you're ready to apply an even coat of product to the undercarriage of the vehicle!