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A SUPER PREMIUM PELLETED FEED WITH NO SOYBEAN MEAL FOR MATURE HORSES. TRIPLE CROWN LOW STARCH IS GRAIN, ALFALFA, AND MOLASSES FREE MAKING IT IDEAL FOR HORSES WITH INSULIN RESISTANCE, HYPP, PPID, EPSM, OR PSSM. Formulated specifically for mature horses, Triple Crown Low Starch is a pelleted low starch and sugar (NSC) feed for horses requiring a lower diet for metabolic reasons or for horse owners seeking calmer behavior from horses. Featuring fewer carbohydrates than hay and pasture, Triple Crown Low Starch can be used as a complete feed to replace all or part of the forage portion of the diet.  This feed is also suited for those who tend to have allergies, ideal for HYPP horses as the feed contains a low potassium level and works well for senior horses in winter in order to avoid the bricking of textured feeds. Guaranteed Analysis Find out why Triple Crown Feeds are superior, Watch our Video!